Let's be real, it's cold. Although winter is coming to an end, I'm definitely still appreciation coats. After all, what would I do without them? I definitely would not have been able to get through the winter this far without them. For this style spotlight, I'm putting the spotlight on coats, because they always have my back. (pun intended.) I've focused on three coats, each very different in style and each different for the occasion. Each coat is ideal for a different weather situation and each coat has a very different look, since we're appreciating all styles and situations. 

The In-Between Coat

This is probably my most versatile coat. I just got this coat this season from J. Crew and I'm obsessed with it. I love the style of it, the color is so versatile and matches with every outfit, and I love the gold accents. The zipper and the buttons are all gold, which accessorizes the whole look. In addition, it's a long coat, it falls just about the knee. I love this, especially since I like to wear a lot of sweaters. Some of my sweaters are longer than my coats, which ends up looking a bit strange, but this coat is longer.
I actually got this coat from J. Crew Factory, but it's currently out of stock. However, the original store has one that's almost exactly like it (click here for it!), but it's a bit more pricey. It looks super similar, has the same cut, the same general design, but it has some different accents and I think it has some different color options. It runs right to size, so sizing up isn't necessary. I got the same size that I always get, going off of reviews that said that it fits true to size. I usually size up for coats to accommodate for any bulky sweaters that I might want to wear underneath, but for this, it wasn't necessary to do so. 

The ideal weather: Winter, probably around 25 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit
Find the coat: J. Crew

The Lightweight Coat

Lightweight coats are perfect for wearing in the fall and the winter, and I've been wearing this drawstring jacket from Tobi for the warmer days. Although it's a coat, I wear it all the time, even indoors, especially because I get cold all the time. In order to stay warm, even indoors, I wear this coat. It doesn't add much extra warmth, so it's not ideal for the winter, but it's ideal for indoor situations or when the seasons are changing and the weather hasn't gotten that cold yet. 
I think that having a lightweight coat is perfect and super versatile, especially since I'm always so cold during the fall and the spring, since it's too cold to wear a winter jacket but too cold to go without one. In the past, I would usually just not wear a jacket, but then I would be super cold. Having a lightweight jacket keeps me at the perfect temperature, nice and warm, but not overheating. 

The ideal weather: Fall, Spring, and Early Winter, probably around 45 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit
Find the coat: Tobi

The Heavy Duty Coat

 For you all that live in cold weather locations like I do, it's always important to have a super warm coat. Although the other two are more stylish, this one is reliable and versatile. It serves its function and keeps me warm, which is especially helpful for anyone that has to walk often in the winter, so if you're a student, it's so important to have a quality winter coat. 
This one that I'm wearing is no longer in stock, but it's from North Face. It's actually a ski jacket, which makes it incredibly warm, but I still wear it on a daily basis, considering that it's so cold where I live and I need to stay warm with the proper coat. I like how this one is belted, since I like having some kind of form and structure. Mine also has a ton of pockets, which I assume is probably because it's a ski jacket, but I really appreciate these pockets because then I don't have to worry about carrying a bag. 

The ideal weather: Winter, anything colder than 30 degrees
Find the coat: The North Face

I received the coat for free in a collaboration with Tobi. 

Let's put the appreciation on our coats for always having our backs!

What are your favorite coats?

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  1. I love the J. Crew coat.