What's Bloomly?

Bloomly, formerly known as Sunny Rebecca, is dedicated towards becoming your best self and constantly striving towards growth in life. Whether it's through enriching adventures of travel, finding confidence through style, or learning to deal with the rough stuff life throws at you, Bloomly offers content that will help you grow, bloom, and flourish in everything that you do. At Bloomly, it's more than a fun trip to the Almafi Coast or a new outfit, it's about experiencing new things that build on your identity or about finding confidence and expression through style.

About the Author

The author of Bloomly, Rebecca, started Sunny Rebecca in 2014, but rebranded as Bloomly in July 2017. Rebecca originally started Sunny Rebecca wanting to share her creativity and ideas, stepping into a lifestyle that she had always imagined. But that changed.

While she still has the same passion for baking anything and everything as well as buying cute stationery that she probably doesn't need, throughout her time blogging, she discovered that blogging can be a way to connect with others, to share stories that other people can relate to that can go on and benefit their lives. While also working towards becoming her best self, Bloomly reflects that and shares the journey.

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