Want to work with the Bloomly?

I generally work with brands in the form of sponsored posts on www.thebloomly.com and/or sponsored social media posts on any of the Bloomly's platforms. However, I am also able to guest post for other bloggers and/or brands. 

Want to see the Bloomly's statistics, audience reach, and more about working with me?
Send me an email at thebloomly@gmail.com to receive my media kit and inquire about possible collaboration opportunities. 

See some of my previous brand collaborations:

High Sierra

High Sierra wanted a "What's in my Backpack" style blog post that would highlight their product: the Access backpack. I created the post, 6 Things that You Should Always Have in Your Backpack to present what I have in my backpack to readers in an eye-catching way as well as feature the look of the backpack. 


Tobi wanted a post that would feature their products and show consumers possible ways that they can style the clothes. I created outfit post, Black Mock Neck Dress as well as another titled Burgundy on Black that featured Tobi clothing throughout the post and presented how I styled it. 


Robocopp wanted a back to school post that mentioned school safety in order to publicized their Sound Grenade, which is a portable alarm that can be pulled in case of danger. I created the post, 8 Things that You Didn't Realize You Needed for Back to School to present to readers why they need the sound grenade. 

More to Come!