I have been making this salted caramel hot chocolate for quite a long time, and never get sick of it. It's such a perfect autumn treat and brings you happiness in a cup! This is super simple and incredibly delicious.

I'm using my R mug that I got from Anthropologie. It's a pretty big mug, so its perfect for hot chocolate.

To begin making the hot chocolate, I started with taking some caramel pieces and a bit of water and put it into the microwave. I stirred it every 10-15 seconds.  Once the caramel is in liquid form, I added a pinch of sea salt into it and mixed it around.

Then, I add the hot chocolate to the melted caramel. I used a Keurig hot chocolate mix, because it's super quick and easy. After the mug was filled with chocolatey goodness, I mixed it. This way, I could get chocolate-caramel heaven in each sip.

I added some mini-marshmallows to top this off. You can add whipped cream, but I'm personally not a fan of whipped cream.

Mug: Anthropologie | Shirt: Loft | Necklace: Kohl's 

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