On my second day in Los Angeles, I headed to Universal Studios. The last time I had been to Universal Studios was years ago and I can't remember even going. We headed out there in the morning, and quickly went to the rides to try and get there before the lines formed. 

The first ride that we went to was the Despicable Me minions ride. The ride was a 3D simulation, in which Gru turned you into a minion. It was absolutely adorable, and although I have never seen Despicable Me (don't hate me), I really enjoyed it.

The next ride was also very similar, it was the Transformers ride. It was 3D as well, but had a lot more movement. I didn't understand the miniature story that was being told in the ride very much, all I understood was that it had something to saving the world and all those kinds of things. 

After the Transformer's ride, there was another ride, based on the movie, the Revenge of the Mummy. Instead of a 3D simulation like the others, this ride was an actual rollercoaster, which I appreciated because the 3D ones make me a little nauseous. I actually really enjoyed this ride.

Later, I went on the studio tour. This was my favorite part of the day. The tour showed some famous sets used in movies for Universal Studios, as well as some sets that are shown on television, such as the Mindy Project and the Desperate Housewives. It also had some interactive moments, such as rain pouring down like in the movies and the shark from Jaws coming at you.

Set for the movie, Jaws.
The Bates Motel
Set of the movie, War of the Worlds
After the studio tour, we wanted a show full of special effects, which was called Water World. The plot was extremely unoriginal, however, the special effects were quite entertaining. 

Because it was Christmas time (when I visited it was around Christmas, these were taken quite a long time ago), there were lots of Christmas decorations, including a whole area based on Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It was super cute and looked like a lot of fun for young kids. There was tree decorating and cookie decorating, as well as picture taking with the Grinch.

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