While in San Diego, the first place that we visited was La Jolla. What I noticed first about this area of town is the fishy scent of the water. It wasn't a strong smell and it wasn't exactly undesirable, but it was unique. I'm not sure if it was just because it was New Year's Day at the time, but it wasn't too crowded in this area.

After exploring for a little while, my stomach was calling me to grab something to eat. We walked around the shops and looked at various restaurants before finding a little cafe to have brunch at.

I ordered french toast with a hot chocolate, and it came looking gorgeously mouth watering and tasted as good as it looked.

After satisfying our stomachs, we continued venturing around.

One thing that I noticed about San Diego were these flowers. I had seen them before in Hawaii, and already knew that they were called, Birds of Paradise. I didn't know that it was found in California, and ended up seeing these unique flowers all around San Diego!

Following our visit to La Jolla, we visited another part of town that can only be described as Old San Diego. This area has shops with Spanish influence. There were Mexican restaurants and lots of different arts and such that had unique designs.

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