On the second day in San Diego, we visited Balboa Park. Balboa Park consisted of many museums, including the San Diego Museum of Man, Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego Museum of Art, and more. The architecture of the buildings were very interesting, and it seemed to have a lot of Spanish influence.

This building was in the center of Balboa Park, and the building reminded me of a Mexican style church.

I love the doors and the balconies on this building. The doors have beautiful framing and I just have a thing for balconies like these with majestic double doors. It reminds me of Versailles in Paris.

Above is the San Francisco Museum of Man. I did not visit the museum, but thought that the architecture of the building was quite interesting. It has a cathedral look, and I was wondering if it was a church in the past or not.

After exploring the park for a while, we headed to the Japanese Friendship Garden. We didn't visit any museums, but thought that the garden sounded interesting. 

I thought that the rocks and the water looked beautiful together and gave off a Japanese look. (Note: I've never been to Japan)

After leaving Balboa Park, we headed to the Gaslamp Quarter. We didn't stay very long, we simply walked around and then treated ourselves to ice cream at the Ghiradelli store. 

Following Gaslamp Quarter was Coronado. We visited the Hotel del Coronado (below) and walked along the shops and the beach. It was actually quite chilly at the time, so suntanning or splashing in the water was not really an option, so not much time was spent here.

Since we still had time to spare, we headed to a museum called, USS. Midway. It was an aircraft carrier. It was fun to walk through the aircraft and see the rooms, where the quarters and the control rooms and such were. There were also many planes on the upper deck, which you could view. 

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