I think that everyone has their little everyday schedule. We unintentionally fall into routine. It's a very loose routine, but I think generally everyone has a routine. I thought that I would share one of my routines, which is my after school routine. I usually will get home at around three in the afternoon, and I like to start off with lighting a candle. The candle I'm currently (or should I say still) using is actually a Christmas candle. I know, I know, it's already almost the end of February, but what can I say? The Christmas cheer is year round! But, in all honesty, this is the Yankee Candle Christmas cookie candle, so it's not the most Christmassy candle, it simply smells like sugar cookies.

I usually grab something to eat when I get home, and I'll just find something yummy to munch on while I do my homework. I take out my laptop, so that I can do my homework on it and maybe listen to some music. I really love my laptop wallpaper, I made it using photoshop by putting my monogram onto a Lilly Pulitzer wallpaper.

Sometimes, while I'm working, I'll make tea or hot chocolate, depending on my mood. I have my favorite Anthropologie mug to sip my warm drink from.

I of course have my homework, I like to do it right after I get home from school because I like to be proactive and productive. 

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