A few days ago, the unexpected happened. It snowed. In April. With the combination of my spring allergies and the wintery weather that I was experiencing, I was feeling pretty out of it. I think that everyone has those days when they're just not feeling it. It doesn't matter whether you need to take a mental health day or are just not feeling quite right, I feel that this will remedy it.

If you haven't noticed yet, I adore baths. I love getting my Lush bath bombs and just seeing them come to life, because they have such nice scents and quite frankly, look gorgeous. 

The bath bomb that I have is one of my favorites, the sex bomb. I love the way it looks, mostly because of the little rose on top. It has a light jasmine fragrance and I mixed it with the multipurpose bath/shower bar, fun. Out of all four options that fun can be used for, I use it as a bubble bar the most often. The sweet scent of fun mixed with the light jasmine scent of the bath bomb combined to create a blissful aroma.

While in the bath, I enjoyed some tea (which is not pictured) to soothe my throat. Even if you're not sick or have allergies like I do, tea is still a great way to feel better, especially if you're drinking green tea, which is full of antioxidants and nutrients that are great for your body. I also put on some relaxing music from my Spotify playlist.

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