I'm just going to admit it. It's not easy to stay organized. I get distracted all the time from so many different things and it's difficult to decide what to do with your time. Time is precious, and I have a tendency to waste it. Lately, I've been trying to be more organized with how I manage my time, and I thought that I would share some of the ways that I keep everything in line.

Organize your email. Another way to stay organized is by being up to date with your email. There are definitely so many people that have hundreds of unread emails. I always have 20 unread emails in my inbox at the maximum. Every day, I go through my email and read all of the subjects and senders of the messages. I delete the ones that have irrelevant topics, without reading them. The rest, the ones with important messages or the one that I'm not sure whether or not they're important, stay. I then read through my mail.
Get an agenda. While managing your time and deadlines, an agenda is definitely necessary. Sure, I may have been brainwashed by teachers into the idea that agendas are your friends, but I am positive that an agenda helps you stay organized. I can get all my assignments done on time by simply checking my agenda. If you're not convinced to get an agenda by just the fact that it's super useful for organizing assignments, then go with the fact that there are some really cute agendas out there. I personally love Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade agendas, but if you're not willing to pay for a more expensive brand, you can get one from Target, like I have.
Use a calendar. Along with email, I also keep my Google calendar updated. A calendar is so much more than something that keeps track of days, I use it to keep track of my plans. Of course, you can use a physical calendar, or you may not need one if you already have an agenda, but I like to have an organized calendar along with my agenda. On my calendar, I manage my social engagements, whereas in my agenda, I manage my assignments. 
Create deadlines.  In my calendar, I also arrange and organize my blog posts, by deciding what blog post will be posted on which day. I always write my posts a few days ahead of time, because I have to take the pictures and take the time to write. Planning out when each post will be published helps to create deadlines for myself. 
Make lists. This is such a simple way to stay organized. I make lists all the time, because this way I can remember everything. I make lists of goals (long term and short term), as well as ideas. If you're a creative person, an idea list will be incredibly useful to you. Ideas come at random moments, and you never want to forget them, so if you quickly jot it down, you'll remember it.

Life will always be the way it is, messy. But if you make an active effort, you can clean it up as much as you can, to make it more organized and make the most of your time. When I meet people, I often wonder, "How do they do it?" And by that, I mean, how do they keep their life together? And recently, with these steps, I've been finding that I've been doing that a lot better than I used to.

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