April. This month is quite well known for the rain that it brings. I'm not one of those people that dislikes rain, I actually enjoy rainy days, because that means I get to stay inside all day. There's something about the mood that the rain brings that makes me crave certain things. 

Netflix, for example. When I'm staying indoors, away from the rain, Netflix is always calling my name. Actually, it's calling my name all the time, but on rainy days, I'm happy to oblige.  

Along with the comfort of Netflix, I like to light some candles. They really give off an enjoyable mood and there's just something about candles and rainy days that just clicks. I have two candles, one scented with a lavender scent, called sleep haven, and one with a light floral scent, called vintage lace. They are both Signature soy candles from Target.

Often, ice cream is a go-to essential for a rainy day, and I have been obsessed with Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I recently discovered the joy of this ice cream, it just tastes so much better than other ice cream brands, especially considering that it's an ice cream sold in ordinary grocery stores. Usually, I'll have some ice cream, but today, I had something different. I made a little cake to eat.

I simply took a chocolate cupcake and then frosted it with nutella and sliced some strawberries in half to garnish it. The chocolate cake with the creamy hazelnut spread and the sweet strawberries just makes a perfect treat for any season and any weather.

I think that the thing that makes rainy days great, is the mood. It gives off a "stay in" kind of mood, where you just want to cuddle up with a warm blanket and eat comfort food. It's like a little reminder to you that, "Hey, it's time for some relaxation." In this fast-paced world that we live in, sometimes we have to slow down and indulge in some relaxation time and some sweet treats. And I don't know about you, but I feel that the rain never fails to remind me to take time for myself.

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