Let me first start out with what I was originally going to do. I was originally planning to do a rainy day outfit post, since April is known for rain. However, I woke up, and found out that it was, surprise, over seventy degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, Since this blog is called, Sunny Rebecca, I had to take advantage of the warm sun and show off my new dress.

I purchased this dress from Topshop the other day, and I just really love the scallops on it. I adore basically anything with scallops, and this dress is no exception. It has a little daisy print on it as well, which I really like because I love daisies. Along with the dress I'm wearing my favorite J.Crew necklace. It's from the Factory store.

Paired with the black dress, I have my favorite black flats. I love the look of smoking slippers, because they look casual, but at the same time they're classy and dressy. Mine are from Nordstrom.

Since I was outside, I decided to also take my dog outside to get some sun and fresh air.

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