The weather forecast for the day, 70 degrees and sunny. This was incredibly exciting because it meant that it was finally time to whip out the summer clothes and spend some time outdoors. I headed downtown with my sister to do some shopping and go to my favorite afternoon tea place. 

My favorite afternoon tea place is an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room. It has the cutest decorations and tableware. We got a plate of scones and of course, tea. Along with the scones came clotted cream, jam, blueberries, and grapes. The tea was a simple black tea, but it was infused with caramel and had a fruity scent. 

The tea came in an adorable teapot with a picture of Alice and the Mad Hatter, as well as a figure of Alice on the top. It's such a cute teapot that really captures the essence of Alice in Wonderland, with the teapots and teacups and the little hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds lining the top and bottom. 

These scones are easily my favorite snack from the afternoon tea selection, there's an option for a three tier platter of finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries, that I had gotten before, but that is much more food than I can eat. The scones taste the best out of the selection and is the perfect serving portion. We each got a blueberry scone and a chocolate chip scone.

Once we finished up our tea, we headed out to the park, which was located a short walking distance away from the tea room. We sat by the playground and the fountain and enjoyed the warm weather.

I was also super excited to snap some park pictures so that I could show off my romper! I had been waiting for the weather to warm up so that I could finally wear it. It's super comfy and I really love the look of it. My romper is from Dry Goods and my sweater is from Gap. I also finally got a chance to wear my sandals, I'm wearing a pair of b.o.c. sandals.

After leaving the park, we did some shopping. I love the stores downtown, because they're just so photogenic! They have the cutest little things that I would honestly never need, but they're always so adorable and have a nice Pinterest and/or Tumblr aesthetic to them. We headed to Anthropologie, Francesca's, Paper Source, and a few other shops. 

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