Memorial day is always somehow a transition into summer. There's just something about Memorial Day that connotes with summer. The for this weekend is nice and sunny, thankfully. 

I feel like this outfit just screams Memorial Day, that, or Fourth of July. 

I'm wearing this dress that I've had for about a year and I just love it. I've always been a little concerned with it being a little too patriotic for every day wear, but since it's Memorial Day weekend, I thought that it would be a perfect time to wear it. This dress is made of such nice material and is made very well. I also find that the cut of this dress fits me quite nicely.

Added bonus of this dress: pockets! As any girl would be, I was ecstatic to find pockets on this dress. The pockets blend right in with the structure of the dress, so the pockets are completely unnoticable! I find that the pockets are great for holding my phone, since I take it everywhere.

Along with this dress, I'm wearing my loafers. These are super comfy and keep this outfit looking casual. These loafers are from Cole Haan. I like them a lot more than normal loafers because these have a buckle, which I think adds a really nice touch.

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