I know that summer is almost here, but the other day after I got home from school, I was just doing the usual stuff and realized that this would be a great blog post. This was mostly because this is totally photogenic. I couldn't exactly call this a summer after school routine, since there's no school in the summer, but this is kind of a work routine for sunny days.

I feel like snacks are probably the best way to begin a great afternoon. I headed out to my screened porch, which is shaded and bug free. I prepared a little watermelon lemonade for myself, which I think is just a general summery drink. It's like the combination of two summer classics! Will be posting a blog post soon with the recipe for this drink, so stay tuned!

Along with my drink, I had something to snack on, I like to have something salty with a sweet drink. I also lit a candle, just for the nice relaxing scent. 

Since I was working outside, I could just enjoy the weather while doing my homework and spread out everything on the patio table. I feel like working outside is just so much better, you just feel happier.

One of my favorite things about my porch is the chaise. You can just lie down on the chaise while doing whatever, whether it's actual work or just enjoying the weather. It's just so relaxing to lie there and feel the warm air and hear the birds chirp.

Another great part about spending time outside is some quality time with this pup! I'm not the only one that enjoys a little sunshine, I can do my work while my dog looks outside and watches the squirrels and birds. 

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