Last week I had a chance to visit my local zoo and I decided that I should do a little post about my "out and about bag." Yes, I am aware that I did a blog post about what's in my bag last month, but this one is a little different and is more fit for traveling, visiting theme parks, going to the zoo (of course) and other similar activities. 

I also thought that I would include some of the pictures that I snapped while at the zoo, because I didn't exactly want to do an entire post of just the animals.

The bag that I carried around is just this simple black backpack. I'm not sure exactly where this bag is from, since it's pretty old, it was actually my moms! Nonetheless,  really like this bag, because it's handsfree and has a casual look to it. It also has lots of room to carry things and is relatively light.

When I'm going around and seeing lots of new things, I like to have my instant camera with me, and I like to have extra film on hand if I'm going someplace where I know I'll be taking lots of pictures, for example, the zoo or traveling.

Occasionally I'll bring my blogging camera, depending on where I'm going. Sometimes I'll just bring a simple point-and-shoot camera, but it all really depends on what I'm doing. Along with that, I'm brought sunscreen, which is a zoo essential, since you're out in the sun the whole day. Fun fact, it was burning hot the day that I went to the zoo. I got the nice gift of a shoe tan after my day out. Anyways, I also brought along lotion, which I didn't use, but you never know when you might need it. With that, I brought a pack of tissues, my lip balm, hand sanitizer, and my wallet. These are pretty much basics for what I bring around on a normal day.

My bag has nice little compartments on the outside, with this pattern on the inside. I've put in my headphones, some pens and pencils, and cough drops in this pocket, since they're small and could easily get lost in the main compartment.

As for my zoo pictures, most of my pictures didn't turn out that well, because we only had a few hours there and it was just generally rushed, but I did manage to get some nice snaps and if you want, feel free to take a look!

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