It is a truth (that should be universally acknowledged) that I love rompers. They're just super comfy and cute. They have a dressy sense to them, but they're still casual. I wore my favorite romper the other day while I was enjoying the sun and some time outside. 

This romper that I'm wearing has been on my blog before, it is from Dry Goods. I'm not sure how well known or how large of a company Dry Goods is, but I hadn't heard of it until recently, when I stumbled upon it while shopping and then picked up this romper! I haven't had a chance to head back there, but I'd really like to make another visit because all their things are super nice. 

I've paired my romper with a pair of blush sandals, which are not shown in these pictures, except for the last one, but they're just simple strappy sandals.

And while I was outside, I spent a little time with my dog and let's just be honest, it was not easy getting a decent picture while my dog was too busy running about to pose for the camera.

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