Since packing can be such a hassle, I did one of the things that I do best and made a list! If you're going away on a trip, you can easily print out this list and change the numbers a bit to best fit your destination. I've also added some tips for packing to (hopefully) make the process even easier!

Packing List
The packing list I made is on a PDF and by clicking the link, you can view the PDF and download it if you would like. You can visit it by clicking the phrase, packing list, in italics, or by clicking here. Since every packing list is a little bit different based on the number of days you're staying for, I've added the number symbol, #, that you can substitute for the number of each items you'll need for your specific trip. I have also added some blank lines in the 'other' section, so that you can fill in things that I might have missed or things that you personally find essential for travel.

Packing Tips
Use packing cubes. Packing cubes are perfect for keeping everything compact and organized. It's best if you group your packing cubes in a certain way, for example, one has all the shirts and another has all of the pants. When you get to your destination, you can find things more easily. In addition, it makes heading back easier too, because often things get a little messy in the suitcase on the trip home. The packing cubes keep things orderly.

Use an expandable suitcase. Lots of suitcases out there have the ability to be expanded a little bit by simply unzipping a zipper on the side. Here's a little tip-- only expand your suitcase on the way home. On the way there, everything is neat and orderly and folded in order to make the most of the room in the suitcase, so you shouldn't expand it. On the way home, after you've purchased some souvenirs and begun shoving your clothes into your suitcase instead of folding them, expand it. In this way, you insure that on your way back, there will be enough room.

Bring samples. You know those little samples that you sometimes get in the mail from Sephora or with your magazines, keep those! Instead of spending the money on purchasing travel sized things, you can bring along some freebies. This is especially true for perfume. Why waste the precious room with a whole perfume bottle when you can bring the dozens of samples that you already own? Plus, there's an added bonus-- trying out a new perfume every day and changing things up.

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  1. Awesome tips, I hope you have a great trip!
    xo, Syd