Adding onto my romper obsession is of course, another romper! It is a little known fact that I am an avid lover of polka dots, which makes this romper all the more lovable. 

I picked up this romper from Forever 21 and have been really liking this simplicity of it. It's super casual, which makes it great for everyday wear. Since it's such a simple design, I usually wear it with some sort of accessory, generally a belt, or in this case, a necklace.

I got this statement necklace from Loft at a great deal. It was on sale and I think that there was an additional discount along with clearance items which lowered the price even further. I love the colors of this necklace, there's a bit of a blush pink color on some of the gems that the camera doesn't quite pick up, but even with the color, it's very subtle. The subtle colors make this necklace easily paired with lots of different things.

Finishing off the outfit, I have my Cole Haan loafers once again, which I seem to be always wearing in blog posts. When I wear a belt with this romper, I usually wear a brown leather belt that matches with these loafers perfectly. Although today I was wearing a necklace, these loafers still look great with the outfit. They're actually really comfortable and they match with everything.


  1. I'm obsessed with rompers- yours is so cute! Love the necklace too!

  2. What a cute romper! I am yet to find one that fits me correctly- but hopefully I will before the fall weather kicks in!