I had originally found the Wolseley on Olivia's blog, What Olivia Did, on her post about afternoon tea places in London and was not disappointed by her pick! This place was as nice as any hotel afternoon tea, maybe even better. 

The logo was found on every plate and napkin and the decor was so nice, with pretty chandeliers and black and gold everywhere. We were seated in the upper balcony, giving us a sense of privacy and a great view of the restaurant. 

We opted for the Wolseley blend for the tea, which was a pretty simple black tea blend. We munched on scones, sandwiches, and pastries, until we were so full. The food was so delicious, I think that one of the things on the plate that I enjoyed a lot was the pesto and chicken finger sandwich, maybe because I love pesto, but this was easily my favorite of the sandwiches. As for the desserts, I really liked the classic chocolate cake, because it was rich but not too sweet. However, I definitely enjoyed all of the things that I ate. Even my dad was enjoying the tea and sweets, which he was originally a little reluctant to go to.

I really enjoyed the experience, the food was incredible an the atmosphere was definitely nicer than some of the hotels that serve afternoon tea. The prices were also very reasonable, £25.00 per person for the normal afternoon tea and £36.00 for the champagne tea, significantly cheaper than some of the other afternoon tea places that I had heard of. If you're ever in London and looking for a great place for afternoon tea, the Wolseley does not disappoint! It's located in Piccadilly, so it's convenient to stop by while doing some sightseeing and is definitely worth it. 


  1. That look so chic! I would love to go!

    stay fabulous x

    1. You definitely should if you ever have a chance!

      Rebecca x