The next places that we visited was Rothenburg. Rothenburg is a smaller place with fewer tourists, but it has a typical German atmosphere. Rothenburg is absolutely adorable with it's colored buildings. There's a typical town square with a clock tower and there are also lots of restaurants. We visited some of the shops while we were there, there was a Christmas shop and even a shop full of teddy bears! The shop was pretty large and filled with all kinds of stuffed animals. While we were in Rothenburg we also stumbled upon a delicacy called a schneeball, meaning snowball in English. These were pastries made from shortcrust pastry and put into a ball, then deep fried and dusted in a sugar, but there were lots of other toppings for them too, such as chocolate and caramel.

Later, we went to the Eltz castle, which just so happens to be literally in the middle of nowhere. We got lost several times on the way there, because the castle is surrounded by trees, making it impossible to spot. In addition to that, there was not much of a city surrounding it, only farmland. If we hadn't done out research, we may have never found this place. It really is a hidden gem.
In order to get to the castle, there was a 20 minute walk through the forest, since the castle is very private due to all of the trees. This was a bit of a workout, but it never hurts to exercise a little! At first, we weren't even sure if we were headed in the right direction, but after walking past many other people, we knew that we must be in the right spot. And luckily, we were.

We weren't allowed to go into the castle rooms, but we did get to walk through the place. The look of this castle is definitely different from the previous ones that I visited, the Neuschwanstein castle and Hohenschwangau castle, which was on the previous travel diary, but this one has a much more typical german look. 

We didn't spend much time at the Eltz castle, since we were on a tight schedule to catch a flight to London right after our visit. Coming next on the travel diaries, London. Bye Germany!

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