Previously, I didn't have a typical picture editing style, but I recently have developed a normal way of editing my pictures instead of changing each one based on the picture. 
The main apps that I usually use to edit my pictures are Snapseed and VSCO cam. Occasionally I use Litely, but not often. I always start out by using Snapseed, which I use to change things like brightness, contrast, and saturation. It also has a great selective feature, so that you can change specific things. Snapseed is my ALL TIME FAVORITE editing app. It has so many great features that you can use and is different than other apps because of the selective feature. I was actually just talking about this app with my sister the other day and she was so amazed by this app when I showed it to her. Anyhow, by using Snapseed and occasionally VSCO cam, I edit my pictures by doing a few of these things.

Brighten. Brightening a picture is always the first thing I do when I edit my pictures. Although brightening can wash out some pictures, it can up the quality of others. I vary the amount of brightening I do based on the picture.

Saturate. Upping the saturation is especially vital with iPhone pictures, which typically don't take saturated pictures. When I'm editing a picture from my camera, which always has brightly colored pictures, I'll only change the saturation a little bit or not at all.

Sharpen. A bit of sharpening is always necessary for when I edit my pictures. I usually just sharpen it a little bit and that helps to improve the picture quality.

Increase the ambiance. Increasing the ambiance of a picture is more important when you're editing a picture taken with a phone rather than the camera. By increasing the ambiance, there's more warmth and the picture is generally brighter.

Add a filter. I always add a filter last, because I only use them sometimes. As I previously mentioned, the filters that I usually use are the C1 filter on VSCO cam or the Argyle filter on Litely. On VSCO cam, I only add a little bit of the filter, typically to 2 or 3. While using a filter, the important part is to make sure that you don't overdo it with the filter. The best pictures should look as though that they don't have a filter at all.

Before                                              After

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