Who says that resolutions are only for the new year? I've decided to create my resolutions for this new school year in hope that I can be more productive with my life, which let's just be honest, probably won't happen, but I might as well try!

Stop caring what other people think. This is more of a life and long term goal, but this is definitely my number one hope for the future. I've always been too consumed in what other people think about me that I try and change to be liked. I'm constantly trying to fit in with everyone else and appear a certain way, but as narcissistic as this sounds, I need to start thinking about myself and stop thinking about others. Everyone is too busy worrying about their own lives to be judging you.
Become more confident. Becoming confident has been a difficult thing to do my entire life. I've recently found that dressing nice and wearing clothes that I like make me feel much more confident and I have been on the road in that general direction. However, I need to start becoming more confident in other ways and I hope to try and do that this year by doing resolution #1, stop caring what other people think, and learning to love myself.
Join more clubs. As a quiet and introverted person, clubs can (hopefully) help me to meet new people and become more open and even more confident. (As you can see, all these resolutions link together-- I think I deserve some brownie points for that.) Clubs can also help me be more productive with my time instead of lounging around watching Netflix in my spare time, which is absolutely amazing, but I should probably be seizing the day.
Find my future. This is definitely a pretty big one, but this summer I've come to the devastating reality that I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Although people say that it's perfectly normal, I find security in the known. Through the clubs, I might even find something that I really enjoy that will help me discover what I want my future profession to be.
Just say yes. Sometimes I get so caught up in wondering about the future that I forget about today. I often forget that I'm young and the time that you're young should be about exploring new things and experiencing all kinds of joys. I need to start saying yes to new things and start living in the present.

Although I could be negative about summer ending and school starting, I'm keeping positive about the new school year and the things that I hope to do during this time. These resolutions will have to be taking action ASAP because unfortunately for me, school starts THIS MONDAY! It's absolutely insane on how quickly the summer flew by. But, since I want to end the summer on a postive note and I really feel like I did. Time to move forward to what awaits me. Cheers to the new school year!


  1. These are great and I think my goals for the year are very similar!!