I was definitely surprised by how much I adored Prague. I was instantly mesmerized by the cute and colorful buildings and the architecture of the place. 

The day began with a visit to Old Town square, where the main attraction was the clock tower. Every hour, the clock chimes. The bell is rung by a skeleton statue (located on the right), symbolizing death. The apostle statues (located on the left) move and gesture for you to come. This is symbolic for asking you to come to heaven, since death is calling. This whole "show" is a huge tourist attraction, every hour, tourists assemble with their cameras up for the clock to ring.

Clock Tower


After checking out the iconic clock, we did some wandering around. At every turn there are the beautiful colored buildings lined with windows, basically screaming Grand Budapest Hotel. These buildings are kept in incredible form, still standing tall for the hundreds of tourists to take pictures of. Somehow they still manage to look magnificent, even with the scorching sun shining down on them. The weather in Prague reminded me of the weather in Greece, however Greece was more humid. Prague was mainly hot because the sun was so strong. Thankfully, I came prepared with the proper attire for the weather. 




Following our exploring around the outskirts of Old Town Square, we had lunch at a place slightly out of the square, but still close enough to the clock tower that you could bask in the glory of the view. Later, we went on a trolley tour, where you could take the trolley and see glimpses of the town, including the Prague castle and the Jewish quarters. This was definitely nice, since it eliminated the amount of walking and provided some shade to stay cool under.


After the trolley tour, we explored the gift shops nearby and enjoyed some ice cream and free wifi before heading back to the hotel for a rest, which was very much necessary, since I had been wearing new shoes that needed to be broken in -- I got so many blisters -- and we were feeling a little jetlagged. 


What I'm Wearing
Dress: Aritzia // Bag: Longchamp // Sandals: ASOS (Similar)

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