A part of me is excited that August is over, since it meant that I got a little break from school (Labor Day weekend!) and it means that other people that are still not in school yet are finally going back. I know, I'm ruthless. But another part of me is also a little sad to see August go, I've accomplished so much in this month. I had an amazing time of my trip and then started school again, had a blast with #BloggersBTS, blogged every day during my travel diary installation, and relaunched my blog! This month has definitely been busy, but I feel like I've been so productive with my time and have been seizing the day. Nevertheless, I still have to bid farewell to August, but not before my August Favorites. 

I'm not really a mascara kind of person, but I tried out this Roller Lash mascara about two months ago and have found myself really loving it. I think that it's actually my favorite mascara at the moment. It really works well with my eyes, because the shape of the wand helps to curl my lashes and my lashes tend to curl inwards, so the wand really lifts them up and outwards. And if the product itself doesn't draw you in, the packaging sure does! Benefit cosmetics always has the prettiest packaging, it's all has that retro vibe to it. I love the packaging of this, everything about it, from the color scheme to the font.

I've been using this tarte colored clay tinted brow gel really often since I got it. It's something that is super easy to swipe on when you're in a time crunch and has a natural look. I know that a lot of people are obsessed with getting that perfect brow look and this product takes one tiny step in that direction, because it makes you look more put together but still looks completely natural and only takes a second to apply.

I have attempted to keep a constant journal numerous times, but have never succeeded. I think that the main issue with a journal was that I never knew what to write about. I found this guided journal at Papyrus when I was going in there to snag some stationery. This one is geared towards finding yourself. On the cover it says, "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken," and on the inside it has tons of pretty artwork in a similar style. Along with that there are also questions about your past, present, and your future that you answer as a way to reflect and take a second to think about who you are and who you want to be.

I've also been using this pug notebook from ASOS a lot this month, I mentioned it before on my post about desk glam that I did for BloggersBTS. This notebook is absolutely adorable, it has drawings of pugs doing different poses. Recently, I've been using it to write about my travels, it's essentially my physical travel diary, but also a little reminder for when I return home from my trip and am writing my travel diaries for the blog. 

Even though Summer is coming to a close, ice cream is a timeless treat! This month I've been indulging in it often, I currently have five pints in the freezer. I just tried out this ice cream brand for the first time and it definitely has some great flavors! I've been enjoying the sea salt caramel gelato, which actually tastes like caramel, but it's not too overpowering. It also has some chocolate pieces in there as well. Sometimes I've been mixing this flavor with the coffee chocolate chip gelato and they taste incredible together. Caramel ice cream and coffee ice cream were definitely meant to go together.

One thing that I'll miss about Summer, sandals. It's not that I won't be loving the chance to wear fuzzy socks and boots when the weather turns colder, but sandals are still something that I'll miss. This month I've been wearing these sandals from ASOS pretty often. The color makes it easy to pair with practically anything and the gems make a casual outfit look a lot more dressy without even having to try. These ones that I have are out of stock, but I found a similar pair here.


  1. I need to buy a guided journal and that pug journal is so cute!

    Stay fabulous x

    1. Guided journals are so much better than normal ones because you never get writer's block with them1

      Rebecca x