If you couldn't tell already, I'm excited for fall. Although the leaves have not yet begun changing colors, that doesn't mean that my wardrobe isn't swapping out summer for fall. Recently, the weather has been all over the place, some days cold and others hot. However, I've found myself breaking out the warmer clothes a lot lately. I originally aimed for this to be a summer to fall transition outfit, which I guess it kind of is, but I think I got a little too carried away with the fall part of this look that it ended up being more fall than summer. 

Some of the best things about fall-- the colors and the sweater weather. (More amazing fall things on my Autumn Essentials post, if you want to check that out!) You can never go wrong with a cozy sweater, the one that I'm wearing is from Old Navy and is super simple, but it's still nice and warm. I usually opt for sweaters with intricate knit patterns, but it's nice to have something more simple once in a while. This was especially nice to have in this case in particular, because I could pair the sweater with a patterned skirt. I'm all for mixing patterns, but I'll be honest, it takes more thought than throwing on something plain with something patterned. 
I feel like I'm always wearing this skirt during the fall/winter season, mostly because I love the color of it. It's a pretty burgundy shade-- fall colors!-- and has a black pattern on it. Since the color of the skirt is dark and the pattern is also dark, the pattern is not too bold and is a little more muted, making it easier to match with things than other more contrasting colors, one of the reasons why I wear this skirt more often than others.
The outfit was a little plain and my instinct whenever my outfit is plain is to throw on a statement necklace. Putting on a necklace takes minimal effort to put on and can make an outfit look ten times classier than it really is. This one that I'm wearing is from Forever 21.
Shoes, shoes, shoes! I honestly do not know the appropriate time to break out the boots, it's tempting, but it still feels a little early to take them out of storage. Since this is a seasonal transition outfit, flats seemed like a good idea. I wear these flats from Nordstrom (Dune London) all the time and they have appeared on this blog time after time. Black flats are never a bad idea.

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  1. I am OBSESSED with the fall! I love your outfit, so cute :) xx,kenz