Let's just say it, shopping is addictive. I often find myself browsing through various websites and online shopping or stopping into a store with something in mind and coming out with other things. Although I'm more of a saver, recently I've been splurging more. It may not be easy to buy less entirely, but you can always cut down on costs by spending wisely. Another way is by reaping the benefits of student discounts, which can help to save money on things that you would probably buy anyways. 

These are the stores where you can reap the benefits of student discounts to stay within your budget or just pocket a little extra change.

J. Crew. Whenever you next drop into J. Crew (the regular store, the Factory stores don't apply), be sure to ask about a student discount. J. Crew has a 15% student discount that can be applied as long as you're in the store. I hadn't realized that there was a student discount at all until I was at the checkout one time and an employee mentioned it to me. 
Madewell. Madewell has a 15% discount, just flash your student ID at the cashier and you automatically get a discount off something that you probably would have bought anyways.
Topshop. Since I live in a smaller town without a Topshop store, I'm not sure if the student discount has to be brought up in the stores, but I'm sure that if you mention it to an employee then they'll be happy to give it to you. If you're shopping online like I usually do, all you have to do is sign up for a student beans account and you can get a 10% discount.
ASOS. Just like for Topshop, you can get a 10% discount at ASOS by filling out your information such as what school you attend, your name, and other things. 
Loft. You can get 15% off any purchases in stores with your student ID. If you're online shopping, register with UNiDays for the same discount.
Charlotte Russe. Although I don't shop at Charlotte Russe, I thought that I'd throw this in here for people who do. Charlotte Russe is already not an expensive store, but every penny counts! Take advantage of the 10% discount that you can use on in-store purchases.

Remember that the thing about student discounts is that employees don't always mention them. Be sure to mention it to the cashier when they're ringing up your purchase to ensure that you get your discount! Don't be afraid to ask about it, because the saved money adds up. With that money you saved from that top that you would have purchased anyways, you can splurge on something else or put it away for a rainy day. Happy shopping!


  1. these are all awesome discounts! I love love love shopping at J.Crew! xx,kenz

    1. J. Crew on a discount? Even better!


    2. Super helpful article... Just gives me an excuse to splurge:)


    3. Glad that you enjoyed it!


  2. I love J.Crew and their discount makes it that much better!
    xo, Syd