Can we talk about how quickly this month is going by? We're already mid-way through November and quickly approaching Thanksgiving, which is next week. Before we know it, it'll be Christmas and then 2016. This week is going to be super hectic for me personally, not because of schoolwork, but mostly because of long hours of busywork. So although I'm sure we're all busy, we should take some time to stop and smell the roses before the month flies by. Or maybe just stop and enjoy the amazing content of the internet.

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One // How to Make Strangers Immediately Like You

I don't know about you, but I like to be liked. Meeting new people is not always easy, especially since I'm an introvert (but it's okay to be an introvert, post about that here!). This article has some great tips for breaking the ice and small gestures that will make someone new instantly like you.

Two // 101 Theme Party Ideas

The party season is quickly approaching and although holiday parties are classic, if you're looking to change up your parties and throw in a new and exciting theme, there are 101 amazing ones to get you started if you're interested. Whether it's an Arabian nights themed party or a murder mystery party, a theme will definitely keep your guests on their feet.

Three // How to Stick With Your Budget

I often find myself wanting to spend away my money, I'll want to grab a coffee from the coffee shop around the corner, buy that top that I've been coveting, or that cute floral notebook. All these things add up. As I grow up, I have to learn how to create a budget and stick with it. This might mean letting go of that coffee or walking away from that notebook. The team over at has some great tips for being a bit more frugal with your spending and sticking to your budget.

Four // How to Avoid Blogging Overwhelm

Blogging can definitely be overwhelming at times when you're struggling to balance late night cram sessions and after-school activities. Rebecca Viner from The Wonder Forest shares some tips on how to avoid these overwhelming emotions.

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