This last week has been a pretty busy week, but it has definitely had some ups and downs for me. However, despite all the hectic activities of this week, I've had some time to properly appreciate the internet's gems. So as we're headed away from the spooky and mischievous Halloween fun and into the month of November, what better way could we enter a new month than with some great content of the internet? 


One // Why Shyness Can Be A Secret Weapon for Success

Being an introvert myself, I often find myself longing to be an extrovert. We introverts tend to have fewer friends and be quiet in the corner instead of chatting along with others. It puts a damper on my mood sometimes and makes me feel like my introverted qualities are holding me back. However, this article mentions the positive sides of being shy. Embrace yourself, it's absolutely okay to be an introvert!

Two // The Power of Color in Blog Design

Every color means something, so what do the colors on your blog say about it? Does your blog say that give off an optimistic vibe through the color yellow? Or does it have a calming quality through the color blue? This is also applicable to branding!

Three // How to Turn Small Talk into Meaningful Conversation

Let's just be real. Making small talk with others can potentially be a bit awkward at times. Turn that awkward small talk into a genuine conversation in order to connect with others and possibly even meet a new friend.

Four // Gal Meets Glam x Bauble Bar

Julia from Gal Meets Glam (obsessed with her blog!) is collaborating with Bauble Bar with her own collection! The collection includes not just jewelry but also some stunning home things. My personal favorites from the collection? The rabbit ears picture frame (classy, but whimsy at the same time) and the bliss collar.

Five // 10 Ways to De-stress Your Day Hour by Hour

Any way to eliminate stress is always in consideration. The last thing you want to do is be overly stressed, but in society these days it's the norm to have a busy schedule. Don't let stress take over your life! With these 10 ways to de-stress, you'll be on your way to a stress-free lifestyle in no time.

Six // An Open Letter to High School Girls

Paulina from Navy Striped Peonies wrote this amazing post about high school and the things that you should cherish while you're in this stage.


  1. I loved the list of ways to de-stress, my senior year has been particularly stressful and they are great tips!
    xo, Syd

    1. A stressfree life is always the best way to go!
      Rebecca x