Happy Monday! Lately I've been finding myself to be a bit unmotivated, despite being super busy. If you are feeling unmotivated, as well, we can get this week started with some great content of the internet.

One // Balancing Schoolwork & Social Life in College

I've been so busy lately while juggling school, blogging, and a social life and any tips to handle it all is a good tip for me. Isabella (Yep It's Prep) has some tips for doing it all.

Two // Being Your Own Person: Why It's Hard and Why It's Important

Cristina explains how difficult it can be to be yourself with all of the peer pressure and loneliness that can come along with being different, but she also mentions why it's important to embrace who you are and be yourself.

Three // Social Media is Not Real Life

Ever see a stunning photograph on instagram and think, life goals! A popular blogger and instagram influencer, Esana O'Neill quit all social media, saying the social media is not real life. She revealed things about her pictures and how staged and fake they truly are. This Marie Claire spread highlights these ideas. Remember that social media is not real life.

Four // Camille Rowe's Take on French vs American Girl Style

It's so interesting to see what kinds of differences and similarities between people in two different countries in all kinds of situations, including directions, dating, and even selfies. 

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