Let's just establish that it was freezing when I went out there for these pictures, so I think I deserve some brownie points for that, right? A few days ago, we had our first snow of the season! And when I say snow, I mean full on snow. The roads were a mess and it was snowing consistently for hours, but hey, it made for some great blog pictures!

In my mind, the first snow marks the beginning of winter and along with that comes the need for warm clothing, specifically coats and sweaters. I get cold super easily, so even though it was just below freezing (about 28 degrees Fahrenheit), I was still rather cold. During this time of year, the cold, but not freezing time, I usually wear peacoats, because they're not too heavy and not too light. This one is from Tommy Hilfiger. Along with that, I have a comfortable sweater from the Limited. It's actually just a plain purple sweater, but I paired it with a collared shirt underneath from Ann Taylor. I don't really like plain solids for tops and sweaters, so the collar dresses up the look. As for the rest of the outfit, I'm just wearing simple jeans and my Hunter boots. My boots don't always keep me entirely warm, since they don't have much padding inside, but the good thing about them is that they keep your feet dry from the snow.

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Coat: Tommy Hilfiger // Sweater: The Limited // Shirt: Ann Taylor
Jeans: Gap // Boots: Hunter

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