The holiday season is approaching and along with that comes the Lush Christmas products. I'm absolutely in love with the Lush Christmas products, they're all so cute and smell amazing. Yes, when I go in there, I usually want to buy it all, but I restrained myself and only bought four things. These are the holiday products that I picked up from Lush that I'm so excited to use as the days get colder.

Dashing Santa

The Dashing Santa bath bomb is absolutely adorable! It's shaped like Santa, which is sooo Christmassy! I don't know exactly how to describe scents, but this bath bomb is slightly sweet with a general Lush scent. I'm excited to use this one, because it has a mix of colors and will fizz out with a variety of colors in the bath.

Candy Mountain

Last year I was a big fan of the snow fairy scent, but they didn't have the magic wand this year, only a similar cinnamon scented wand. Since I couldn't get my previous favorite product, I opted for something similar, the candy mountain bubble bar. It has a super similar scent, sugary sweet, like candy. It also has similar colors, bubble gum pink and white with lots of glitter. This is such a cute product that has the perfect scent.

Dragon's Egg

Although not a part of the Christmas range, I figured that I'd throw this one in anyways, since I got it at the same time as the rest of the things. The dragon's egg bath bomb is simple on the outside, plain white with pops of color barely peeking out. After I put it in the bath, orange colors exploded out, making the bath a shade like an orange creamsicle.

Luxury Pud

This bath bomb is so cute! It has such a festive look, since it has mistletoe at the top. It also has a lot of various bright colors, so I'm expecting it to look bright and colorful once I put it in the bath. I'm so excited to use this one so that I can see what it looks like. I'm not exactly sure how I would describe this bath bomb, but it has a general Lush scent, basically like the Lush store, a mix of scents. 

Have you tried out the Lush holiday things?

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  1. ugh I am obsessed with LUSH, all of those bath bombs are so cute! Definitely a must for my Christmas list this year! xx, kenz