Let's be real, Pinterest can be deceiving. Those "easy and quick DIYs" are much harder than they seem. But no worries, I didn't get any of these DIYs off Pinterest and they are all things that I've successfully completed, which means that you can too. To get into the holiday mood, I've created four holiday DIYs that you can make. I made a Christmas tree card using twigs, a starry candle holder, 3D paper snowflakes, and a polaroid ornament! 

Polaroid Ornament

I had the idea for ornaments like these after seeing an ornament from Urban Outfitters that was essentially a picture frame ornament that looked like a polaroid picture. I figured that instead, I could create my own by just taking some pictures with my instant camera and then dressing them up to look more festive.

To create this ornament, all you need is ribbon, a festive looking picture printed from an instant camera, a hot glue gun, and a tiny jingle bell if you're feeling extra festive. All I did was tie a little bow using this red ribbon. Then, I used a small dot of hot glue to glue the jingle bell onto the bottom of the bow. You can then attach the bow to the top of the photo. I used tape for this, but you can use hot glue if you want. I then used a different type of string, a thin gold string, and added a little loop and attached it to the back to hang the photo. And that's it! This one is probably the easiest project to do as well as the quickest. 

Christmas Tree Card

I always love making Christmas cards or any type of card in general. I usually make them for my friends, but it can get time consuming, since I do them by hand with paint or colored pencil in great detail. However, if you still want to make festive and fun cards for your friends and don't have much time, no problem! All you need is about 10 minutes, cardstock, twigs, hot glue, and a gold marker.

First, you're going to trim down the twigs so that they go from short to long. I literally picked these up out of my backyard and then just cut them down to the size I wanted. I had five different sizes, but you can have more or less depending on what you want it to look like. Make them resemble a pyramid, or in this case, a Christmas tree, going from short at the top to long at the bottom. Then you can cut out another short piece to put perpendicular to the others to serve as the trunk of the tree. You can't leave your tree bare, don't forget to add a star at the top. I used a star shaped hole punch and gold paper for my star, but you can use a sticker or just draw one on with a gold sharpie. Use the hot glue to attach the twigs to the paper. 

On the inside of your card, you can leave whatever message you want. I used my bronze sharpie to write, "Merry Christmas" and then I drew little pictures around the words, such as snowmen, stars, and Christmas trees. 

3D Snowflake

I first learned how to make these snowflakes quite a few years ago and have been making them throughout the years to hang by the window. These 3D snowflakes look so much more elegant and put together than the plain 2D ones.

Start by dividing your paper up into 6 squares. I folded my paper into thirds and then divided it up into squares. 

Fold each square over into a triangle, like shown below. On the folded side, cut straight lines parallel to the outer edge of the triangle and make them get shorter and shorter. Cut about four lines on each side of the triangle so that it looks like the picture below.

When assembling the snowflake, start at the middle, by curling the two innermost cuts in to make a tube. Tape them together. Then, take the next innermost cuts, and curl them the opposite way of the tube and taping them together. Continue alternating which side the tape is on for each of the paper lines. Use the slideshow below by clicking (or sliding) the arrows to see how it's done.

Repeat this process with the rest of the paper squares until six diamond-like figures have been created. You can then attach them using tape by putting all of their tips together to form the snowflake.

Starry Candle Holder

Looking to reuse old candle jars? You can dress up a candle jar from a previous candle to be used as a candle holder for your tea candles. For this project, all you need is an old candle jar, a star shaped hole punch, gold paper, a hot glue gun, and ribbon. 

This project is fairly simple, all you do is glue on the gold stars in any way you'd like to your candle jar. This will make it look festive and fun during the day, but at night, the light from the candle will shine through the glass and will create star shadows on the table. Tie it all together with the ribbon to add more festivity. 

I also used a little gingerbread man tea candle, I have no idea where I got it from, but I felt that it was only fitting to use a holiday candle for this occasion! 

Happy crafting! If you try out any of these DIYs, let me know on Instagram or Twitter


  1. These are such cute ideas! You are so creative! I especially love the first and second one. That is such pretty calligraphy- How did you learn how to do that?

    1. I learned how to do the lettering from an article about how to fake calligraphy. I don't remember exactly where it is, but you basically thicken all of the downstrokes to get that look.
      Rebecca x

  2. I love these DIYs. Very cute and creative.