How is Christmas already over? And how is 2016 is just a few days away? This week's best of the internet post is going to be a long one, since I skipped last week's post in order to throw in a baking post for the #BloggersBakeChristmasCookies linkup and I feel like I should try and include as much great content from all over the worldwide web into this year. Did you know that there are over 277,000 tweets published on Twitter, 216,000 pictures posted to Instagram, 204,000,000 emails sent, 72 hours of new videos on YouTube, 3,472 things pinned on Pinterest, and so much more content , all generated to the internet in just one minute? That's a ton of content and just imagine how much that would be in one year. In 2015, a lot of great content has been published to the internet and I want to try and mention as much as possible in this last Best of the Internet post of the year.

photo courtesy of my instagram: @itssunnyrebecca

One // A Smart Trick For Making Sure Your Outfits Are Always Amazing

In this article from Who What Wear, the idea of the third piece rule is introduced. The concept is that when you add a third piece to your outfit, it makes you look more stylish, interesting, and put together.  Forget fancy designer clothes! All you need is a third piece to make an outfit pop.

Two // The Difference Between Growing an Audience and Community (And Why Both Matter!)

While an audience and a community can seem very similar at first glance, they are actually very different in terms of what they are and how you can grow them. Kayla Hollatz writes about the difference between the two and the ways that you can grow both, since they are both very important things for a brand to have. 

Three // The Best Ways to Stay Occupied on a Long Flight

Long flights are the absolute worst, at least that's my opinion. Rachel (Seashells + Sparkles) has some great tips that I'll definitely be keeping in mind for my next long flight.

Four // 11 Surprises the Blogging Industry Has Given Me

Hannah Gale writes about the things that have surprised her about the blogging industry and they are definitely something that I can relate to.

Five // How to Refresh and Recharge for the New Year

The New Year is often used as an opportunity to start over and start fresh. Angela (The Sunday Chapter) has some tips for you to shed the bad things and the clutter in your life and refresh your life so that you can achieve new things. Use this new year to find happiness, starting with these tips.

Six // How to Look Good in Every Photo

Honestly, who doesn't want to look good in every photo? I'm so ready to ring in the New Year with some great pictures and Refinery 29 has some great tips for being more photogenic.

Seven // How to Build a Killer Career Plan for 2016

With the new year approaching, everyone is eager to start over or achieve within the upcoming year. The New Year is a wake up call and can remind us that it's important to work on the things that we want to achieve, because time flies. Career Girl Daily  has some tips for building a successful career plan to guide you through the new year.

Eight // What I've Learned After 10+ Years in the Web Industry

It's super important to learn from other people in the same industry, no matter how much experience they have. Dana (The Wonder Forest), however, has a lot of experience in the web industry. The things that she has picked up along the way can be helpful to others as well.

Nine // How to Become Rich, Successful, and Happy—All at Once

While none of these are easy to obtain, they're all things that a lot of people want out of life. Maybe it's true that you can't have it all, but you can still strive to get the best of both worlds. This article has 11 tips that you can use in order to find wealth, succeed, and be joyful.

Ten // Young Entrepreneurs Share Their #1 Career Tip

Being a young and successful individual is surely the American dream, right? Even if you're not American, a career that captures what you love as well as your creative voice sounds ideal. Young entrepreneurs of successful businesses that they have created share their advice for success. 


  1. I've never heard of the third piece rule, such a cool concept!
    xo, Syd

    1. Neither had I! It seems so interesting!
      Rebecca x

  2. These are very good posts! I'd read some of them already, like the one from Career Girl Daily (which is an awesome blog too!). Sometimes it's reading things like that which motivates us to work and just do stuff! :)

    Julia xx
    Last post: Christmas at the castle ♥