Another week, another best of the internet post! I've been trying to hard to get into the Christmas mood (if you couldn't already tell from my instagram feed), but I'm still in a state of, "Is it actually December?" Throughout my Christmas cheer, I've managed to get sick, but this great content of the internet will surely cheer up me and hopefully you as well!

Picture courtesy of my instagram: @itssunnyrebecca

One // 5 Mistakes Every Girl Has Made at Least Once

I often strive for perfection, but sometimes mistakes are made and you just have to learn from them. This article on Career Girl Daily mentions some mistakes that I've definitely made and can learn from.

Two // How Can the Fashion Industry Be More Sustainable - Stella McCartney: Change Agent

We often don't think about how our fashion choices can affect the environment. This article includes an interview with Stella McCartney about how she wants to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly. There are also some other articles about making fashion more sustainable if you're not interested in the Stella McCartney one.

Three // 5 Things I've Learned from Blogging

Kate (Kate La Vie) mentions some things that she has learned from blogging, which are some things that I think every blogger should know.

Four // How to Stop Procrastinating Once and For All

Ahh, procrastination. Our best and worst friend. It's something that is so difficult to shake and so tempting to take up. This article from MyDomaine covers the psychology behind procrastination and how your emotions can cause procrastination.

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