In the past, I didn't care much for New Years, since I knew that just because a new year came around, it didn't mean that I would necessarily change. However, now I'm beginning to see it as a wake up call. The New Year is a wake up call to let you know that you don't have all the time in the world. When the new year rolls around, I'm reminded that I haven't done much within the past year. This wake up call is a reminder that you should live your life to the fullest because otherwise you're going to look back on your life and see it as a waste of time. And this year I want to look back at it and think, wow, I'm proud of the things that I've done in my life. However, in order to move forward and do new and incredible things, it's important to reflect on the past. So this is what I have done within this year.


I guess that you could call my January accomplishments to be a continuation of 2014. During Christmas and New Year, I was in Singapore, San Diego, and Los Angeles. This was probably the most exciting part of my January and I documented it in my travel diaries.


In February came my birthday, which I guess happens every year, but this birthday was a happy one. The previous birthday in 2014 was probably the worst birthday of my life because I found myself very unhappy. However, this year, I had a party that I loved, a murder mystery dinner party, which was loads of fun, and I was surrounded by great friends.

Outfit post from my birthday party here


I'm just going to be completely honest and say that I really didn't do much throughout the month of March. As much as I would love to pretend that I did something exciting, the honest truth is that I didn't have much going on at the time.


April was the month that I got my blog Instagram going. Up until April, I had little to no readers. Creating an Instagram for my blog was really what got it going. I began meeting other bloggers online and getting involved in the blogging community and people were more easily finding my blog. In April, I also started a blogging schedule. I feel that this really motivated me to write and kept my blog consistent.


One of the bigger things for the blog was that I was nominated for a Liebster award in May! This was kind of a turning point for my blog because it connected me a lot more with the blogging community because I was able to get to know other bloggers in depth and at that time was the most read post on my blog by a landslide. It still remains one of the most popular posts on Sunny Rebecca. During this time I also started making handmade cards, which I now love to do and do quite often for my friends.

Liebster Award
Spring + Summer Afternoon Routine
Memorial Day Weekend


In June, I learned how to scuba dive! It was kind of scary and I still don't know what I'm doing most of the time, but I'm certified! Although I'm still not nearly 100% comfortable underwater with all that equipment, I learned how to use the equipment and experienced some time in the lake scuba diving.

Lazy Summer Days


Just like March, July was a pretty uneventful month. I started spending more time alone, because I was sick of having to rely on friends for my happiness. Sometimes, when I'm alone, I feel insecure and I feel like I need to have a friend around me to make me feel confident. However, during this month I learned to be okay with being alone and I was able to feel confident even without the security of a friend. I realized that you should be your own best friend. I also wrote a guest post over on the Best of the Lemons for Cierra about keeping in touch with your friends.

Polka Dotted Romper


August was a busy and exciting month. In August I did a ton of traveling, I visited Germany, the Czech Republic, England, and Austria. Shortly after returning from my trip in Europe, I headed straight into school. In addition to all that, I also participated in my first linkup! I was a part of the #BloggersBTS linkup and it was an incredible experience, especially for my first time. August was full of content on the blog as well, since I was posting my usual content, the Bloggers BTS things, and my travel diaries. Since it would be a mountain of links if I linked every single travel diary, I'm just picking my favorite ones.

Balancing School and Blogging
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Afternoon Tea at the Wolseley
Prague Travel Diary Day One
Prague Travel Diary Day Two
London Travel Diary Day One
Austria Travel Diary - Salzburg


September was the month of my one year anniversary of my blog and also the month that I relaunched my blog! This was super exciting, because it felt like a new turning point for my blog, it became more professional. I purchased a domain and got a new blog design that I felt would best fit my blog and my content. I think that it was probably one of the best decisions that I could have made for my blog.

First Year of Blogging Discoveries
Falling for Fall
Autumn Essentials


Within October, I told my friends about my blog. This was a huge step for me because I really hadn't planned on telling anyone and it was definitely out of my comfort zone. However, after I told my friends about it, I realized that it wasn't anything to be ashamed of and instead it should be something that I am proud of. In addition, I started doing Best of the Internet posts, which are now a great way for me to help out the blogging community and also share incredible content.

Chambray and Burgundy
Apple Orchard
Totally Instagrammable Activities To Do


Throughout the whole school year I realized that I had been making new friends, but November was a time in particular where I found myself talking to new people. Don't get me wrong, old friends are great, but you can always use an extra friend. I also think that along with new friends, I was finding out that I was more confident than I had been in the past. At the beginning of the year, I was a lot more insecure and unhappy and shy, but around this time I realized that I'm happy. I like the direction that my life is going and I hope that it stays this way.


Charity Ball
What it's Actually Like Being a Blogger
Give Thanks
First Snow


December was obviously just last month! If you didn't know from my Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat (sunny_rebecca) or you just haven't been updated on the blog, I just went to New York City! I was also in two link ups, #BloggersBakeChristmasCookies and #GalPalHoliday (which went on for a few months, actually).


Gift Wrapping Ideas + Free Holiday Card Printable
4 Holiday DIYs

As I look back on the past year and who I was at the beginning and who I am now, yes, there is a slight difference, but I wouldn't say that I'm a "new person." I feel like every year you add on different experiences and new character traits, but I guess sometimes you shed parts of yourself. It's like sculpting something with clay. You add extra clay, but you also take away the excess in order to shape it to become truly unique. All these experiences and changes in your life add up to create you, who, like the clay sculpture, is truly unique. Instead of becoming a new version of myself, I want to be a better version of myself by letting go of the bad in my life and adding different things into my life. Each year, I want to be a better version of myself, so that I can be the best me that I can be. Make every year your best year and be absolutely unapologetic about it.

Next time you hear the phrase, "New Year, new me," think of it as "New Year, better me." (Click me to tweet this!)

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