Recently I've been getting a ton of compliments on my flatlay pictures and quite a few questions about how I take my pictures and also my graphics on the blog. Obviously this post is exclusively going to cover flatlays but I plan on doing a lot of future posts about blogging, since a lot of people had questions about it and I love all things blogging.

How to Take Flatlay Pictures

I think that the biggest element to a great flatlay is of course a background. I use a variety of different things to achieve a nice background, but the easiest and the most sophisticated is a poster board. I mentioned this idea to Cristina (Cristina on Campus) and while ago and she found it so useful that she shared it on her Snapchat. I got a poster board from Walmart, you can find them anywhere, Target, Michaels, even the Dollar Store. It's so low cost and can give you a background with a solid color. Other backdrops that I use include blankets and bedsheets, I've used throws, picnic blankets, and canvases, white bedsheets in previous posts including flatlays.

The best thing about flatlays is that you don't need a fancy camera. It's all about photo composition. Yes, a fancy camera can be useful is creating high quality images, but the actual picture can be made beautiful with careful placement and the camera on your phone. Successful flatlays are all about mixing the small things with the bigger elements. If you put a few large items into a photo, it's probably going to look a bit plain. On the other hand, if you put a lot of small items into a photo, it'll look cluttered. Flatlays consist of the perfect balance of small items and larger ones. Candles are the perfect filler item in my opinion, but that's just me. In the end, just go with your gut. Use the right side of your brain and bring out your inner stylist. Photo styling is all about personal choices.


Honestly, the best part about flatlay pictures with a poster board is that you can just put your subject onto the backdrop and snap away, it's practically effortless and you can get a nice chic photo. I literally take my flatlays while I'm in my pajamas and I can get this professional looking photo in a minute or two. If you're not into a plain white background, you can purchase other backdrops online. I'm sure a white marble one would be fantastic, but I've seen some mock wood and brick backdrops on Amazon for about $10 if you're interested in something a bit fancier.

I would love if you would let me know if you're interested in more "Behind the Blog" type of posts where I talk about the things that happen behind the camera and how I create my posts, as well as my graphics, which is something that I've received countless compliments on. The point of these posts are to help other bloggers, because I wish that someone could have helped me out by sharing the secrets of blogging while I was starting out. 


  1. I loved this post! It was definitely useful. I'm looking forward to reading more of blogging related posts! :)
    Amelie xo

  2. I love taking flat lays! Thanks for the tips. I'm excited for more posts like this!