This week has been surprisingly stress-free for the most part. Yes, there are lots of times where I've woken up and just thought about how I absolutely do not want to get out of bed, but I've been managing it all pretty well this week. Since I've been managing my time a little better, I've had more time to enjoy the great content of the internet and these are some of my picks!

You know what's always the BEST of the internet?
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One // How To Be Photogenic

Okay, I know that I've already mentioned a million articles covering the topic of how to be photogenic in previous Best of the Internet posts, but who doesn't want to look great in every picture? All those instagram beauties out there, tell me your secrets! Not all of us are naturally like Sarah Vickers.

Two // 12 Millenials Reveal How They Live Alone on Less than $40,000 a Year

It's so not easy living alone while living on a budget. Lots of Millenials are living on low salaries nowadays where it's important to cut back. This article includes some tips and personal experiences on saving money.

Three // When the Young Get Older

The thing about new generations is that each generation is a little different. While some people in the older generations feel that the young are lazy, self-obsessed, and materialistic, yes, maybe that's true, but the thing about the younger generations is that we're still young. This article discusses what might happen when the young grow up and take over the world. It suggests that it would be more liberal and more openly accepting to the LGBTQ community as well as various races.

Four // How to Manage Expectations and Avoid Disappointment

I tend to have very high expectations, which leads to a great amount of disappointment when those expectations don't become reality. In this post on the Wonder Forest, there are some tips for managing your expectations so that they don't spiral into wishes as a result of your imagination.

Five // Ten Ways To Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is officially upon us and it's easy to fall into a period of sadness if you're not a winter lover. January can often be referred to as a sad month because it's the time of year when it's cold out and you're caught in the post holiday sadness. In this post from Emma's Looking Glass, there are ten tips for you to use to beat the winter sadness.

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