So we got through the first week after winter break, but now what? This week I feel like I've been a little overwhelmed, not because of the amount of work I have to do, but because all of a sudden I went from having seemingly endless time to relax to limited time to get everything done. I'm back in the busy world of balancing school and blogging. However, even though I'm finding myself more busy than I was a week ago, I still value my alone time for relaxation. Every day I like to have some time to just sit down and do something just for fun, like watch something on Netflix. And yes, I know, we all only have a limited time period for leisure, so I've picked the best content for you to read so that you don't have to spend that precious leisure time sifting through content. I present you the best of the internet. 


One // Authenticity is Never Having to Say Sorry

I was absolutely obsessed with Jamie's (The Fashion Newcomer) post as soon as I read it. It's about creativity in the blogging world and putting up content that might not be what other people want, but is something that you are passionate about. Even though I have not yet seen that video that shook up the creativity in the blogging world, I have been trying to be more creative with my content. Although sometimes it’s tempting to just pull together something that you know will be well liked and pretty easy to create, as bloggers, we should be creating content that we are proud of and is unique and something that we are 100% passionate about.

Two // The Comparison Trap

I can definitely relate to Cathleen's (Classy Cathleen) post about the comparison trap. This post discusses how bloggers can often get stuck in the comparison trap and think that they'll never be as good as someone else at blogging or something else. Instead of spending time worrying about how you're not nearly as successful as someone else, spend that time actually succeeding.

Three // The Meaning of the Instagram Filter Names

This was just a little more for entertainment, but I stumbled upon this article on how the instagram filters got their names. Ever wondered where X-Pro II and Valencia came from? Well, I didn't. However, when this article caught my eye, I was intrigued and had to find out.

Four // Finding Balance

Caroline (Citrus and Style) decides that this year, she wants to find balance between blogging and her life. Being a blogger isn't always easy, especially when you're juggling dozens of other large tasks as well. I think that this is an incredible post, because it's easy to get pressured in staying caught up with the industry, but sometimes you have to take a step back from that and remember that it's not all about posting on social media, but also enjoying your life.  

Five // Tips for Turning Your Passion into a Profession

Making a living off of something that you love, that's the dream, right? Well sometimes, that isn't always easy. However, Katelyn Wood, founder of stationery shop, "Love. Luck. Kisses and Cake" has succeeded in making her passion into a profession! She offers some tips for making your dream come true for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

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