Welcome to the first Best of the Internet post of 2016! Wow, 2016, I'll have to start getting used to that! Recently there has been a ton of great content being published that is totally inspiring me to do more with my life. This week I picked some posts that include reflections on the past, but I also included some posts with tips to change the future, since in order to move forward, you have to learn from the past. Let's get inspired this week and make every year your best year. 

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One // Six Things You Will Regret Not Doing When You're Older

Along with the New Year comes motivation of living life to the fullest. It's a wake up call to let us know that we don't have all the time in the world and we should live life like there's no tomorrow. Career Girl Daily has a list of six things that you will regret not doing in the future, so today you can avoid those and live life with no regrets.

Two // 18 Things I've Learned in 18 Years

As we grow older, we also grow wiser since we learn from our experiences and I intend to do that this year. Stephanie (Petite Pastels) has already learned from some of her experiences throughout her eighteen years on earth and shares the life lessons that she has taken away from them.

Three // Six Ways to Read More Books This Year

While I used to read books relatively often for leisure, as I grow older, I'm finding myself reading more and more infrequently. I'm usually too busy to read or I choose to spend my free time surfing the internet instead of reading a book. However, I would love to read more and Meg has some great tips for how to put down your phone and get reading!

Four // Changing My Life in 1 Year

What I really like about this post by Cristina (Cristina on Campus) is that I can relate to a lot of these things. I can relate to the "happy on the outside but sad on the inside" moments that I think everyone goes through but is too afraid to admit and I can also relate to wanting to change your life for the better.

Five // Ten Ways to Spread Optimism

While it was never officially a New Year's resolution, I think that it should be a goal for every year to spread more optimism. You never know how a small act of kindness could make someone's day and I intend on spreading the love! Laura (Living For the Now) shares ten ways for you to make someone's day that I definitely intend on using.  

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