Honestly, I'm a little upset that it's Monday. That's natural right? However, this is the first Monday following a week off from school, which is always a more disappointing Monday than usual. However, I'm not going to let that get me down anymore than it already is. So what better way to start out a week and get that positivity get going than with some great content of the internet?

This week, this picture on my instagram, @itssunnyrebecca,
was featured on the Francesca's instagram!

One // Teenage Ramblings

Cathleen (Classy Cathleen) totally opens up about the life of a teenage girl and the loneliness that we all have to learn to embrace as well as overcome. She also discusses confidence and peer pressure and really captures the essence of what teenagers have to go through. Yes, we may be young, but that doesn't mean that life is easier.

Two // How I Took Back Control of My Happiness and My Life

Life is a rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs and all kinds of things inbetween. In this post, author, Jinna Yang, writes about the steps she took towards being a happier person. This is such an inspirational post, plus I have already taken a lot of these actions into play throughout the past few years and I have realized that they really do make you a happier person. Even though you may be riding a rollercoaster, it's not impossible to take the controls and be in charge of your own life.

Three // Adele Pranks Jamba Juice with Ellen

In case you need a little uplifting giggle on this Monday, this video of Adele pranking Jamba Juice with Ellen telling her what to say with an earpiece is the best was to brighten your day.

Four // We're Not Actually That Busy, But We're Great at Pretending We Are

I stumbled upon this article I few days ago while I was drafting The Art of Pretending to Have A Life and looking for examples of people pretending that they're busier than they actually are. It has data to support the fact that people may be acting as though they have busier lives than they do in reality in order to feel like they live a life of significance.

Five // How to Conquer Instagram

Okay, maybe I'm a little biased, or super biased, because this is a guest post that I did on the She Can blogger network blog! I wrote a post about how to succeed on Instagram and stand out from the crowd of Instagrammers, since let's be real, we all are looking for obtaining that swoon-worthy feed!

Six // 10 Places to Visit in Your 20s

I love traveling. And although I'm not in my 20s yet, who says that I should wait to experience the world in its entirety? Savannah (The Always Blog) has ten travel recommendations for places to visit, plus some resources about each destination that goes more in-depth in tourism there. I've been lucky enough to visit three of these ten destinations, but I still have more traveling to go!


  1. Okay wow Rebecca... You made my post sound 50000x better than it actually was! Thanks for including my post!

    1. You just don't give yourself enough credit!
      Rebecca xo