This week is going to be hectic, especially this upcoming weekend. I'm so proud of myself for managing to still keep the blogging schedule going, so no need to be disappointed! This week was full of so much incredible content that I actually had to move some over to next week's post, so be excited. Since this content is so incredible, I'm going to keep this introduction short in order to give you more time to indulge in reading it. Happy Monday, it's a new week (also the week leading up to my birthday, 6 days -- eek!) and it's just waiting for you to do incredible things with it. 


One // How to Figure Out Who You're Supposed to Be

Ahh, the age old question, "Who am I supposed to be?" It's the question that everyone asks themselves sometime in their life, especially during college and high school. So how do you figure out who you're supposed to be? In this guest post by Maxie McCoy on Carly's blog (The College Prepster), Maxie has some questions that you can ask yourself in order to figure out a life that gives you the most joy, with contribution, personality, and values.

Two // The Bud Stop

I usually don't feature outfit posts on Best of the Internet, since everyone has different style tastes and if I was listing every outfit post that I love, we'd be here all day. However, Julia's post (Gal Meets Glam) had me in awe. The photography in this post was absolutely gorgeous and the abundance of flowers had me swooning.

Three // Organza Floral Midi Skirt

Two posts from Gal Meets Glam in one post? You can tell that I'm obsessed. I would probably never wear this outfit myself, I simply cannot pull off a midi skirt, Julia totally rocks it. It looks so classy and beautiful, adorned with a pretty black bow.

Four // Confessions of a Blogaholic

For her 200th post, Cristina got real about blogging. I can relate to almost all of these things on her post, plus this is a HUGE milestone! I'm so excited for what's to come for her blog and I'm so happy to have gotten to know her recently. Her blog is absolutely spectacular and I totally related to her blogging confessions.

Five // Blogger Interview 

On Faith's blog (Faith's Girly Life) she interviewed me! This was so exciting for me, because it was an opportunity to allow other people to get to know me, plus she had some great questions that I loved answering. If you want to get to know me a little more, don't hesitate to check out my interview on her blog!

Six // Barbie's Got a New Body

Have you heard about the new Barbie? In reality, if Barbie was real, she wouldn't be able to live, since she wouldn't have enough room for her ribs and would be incapable to breathe. No to mention the fact that she is so unimaginably skinny. But today, Mattel takes a turn. Mattel has introduced petite, tall, and curvy Barbie dolls, because like people, dolls should come in all shapes and sizes.


  1. I love Julia's style, especially that midi skirt!
    xo, Syd