How was everyone's Valentine's Days? Mine was spectacular, it consisted of nothing but chocolate and relaxation, aka the perfect day, since I made myself my own Valentine. Now that Valentine's day is over, I'm looking at mid-winter break, which I have been looking forward to for what feels like the longest time. And with all this free time, comes a lot of empty time where I'm ding absolutely nothing, but it's no issue, because I have the internet. If you're having a moment of boredom or just want to enjoy the internet, I have this week's best of the internet ready for reading. 

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One // The Truth Behind Being a Blogger

This post from the 5th Avenue Urban reminded me a lot of my "What it's Actually Like Being a Blogger" post. Non-bloggers don't always get what it's like being a blogger, since we put off a carefree front and try to make everything look easy. However, it's not what it is really like. Sophia captures the truth behind being a blogger and mentions things that bloggers go through basically every day that non-bloggers might not know.

Two // How to End Toxic Friendships

Okay, so I know that this weekend has been all about love, but hate to burst your bubble, but not all relationships are for the best. Friends are great, but sometimes they can become toxic and something that you can't seem to break off. I've had some toxic friendships in my lifetime that have caused me nothing but sadness and excess drama that have been better off being let go of. However, it's not easy to break up with a friend. This article has some tips for breaking it off but also how to determine whether or not a friendship is toxic or just hitting a rough patch.

Three // How to Spend Less Time on Your Phone and More Time On Becoming Successful

I love my phone. I really do. However, there's something about keeping your face attached to the screen that stops you from living your life. While you're staring down at the screen, you're missing what is happening around you. This article has some tips for spending less time on your phone (as difficult as it might be to part with it) and start looking up at the world around you. Who knows what you can accomplish when you pull your eyes away from the screen?

Four // Made with Code

Did you know that less than 1% of girls study computer science? Google created the site, Made with Code, to motivate more girls to get into computer science. It's not nerdy, it's amazing. You can do so much with code. I have a little experience with coding, assuming that you count web design as code. I actually designed a whole website with raw code for a school project. It can be frustrating at times, but you can do some pretty cool things with it.

Five // How to Stand Out on Social Media

With 400 million monthly active users on Instagram, 307 million monthly active users on Twitter, and 1.59 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it's easy to get lost within the crowd. So how can you stand out from those millions and even billions of other users? Cristina has some tips for how you can take actions to grow your social media accounts.


  1. Love this post, lead to me different bloggers and sites!

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  2. Thanks so much for recommending these reads!

  3. Thank you for your lovely post so much inspiration! Will be reading into all the articles since I find all of it interesting - shoot! I wish I could print time! :))

    I am happy you had a nice Valentine's day :)