Often I get so caught up in what is happening directly around me that I forget that things are different in other places in the world. I'll post a "Winter Essentials" post, only to realize that it's not winter on the other side of the world. While this is nowhere near to "the other side of the world" (hello from the other side??), Elizabeth (Fringe and Flare) and I decided to do posts about what we wear in winter, but from different parts of the country. While I live in a four-season climate, Elizabeth lives in California, which is sunny all year round! During the winter, what I wear is very different from what she wears, even though we both live in the same country. 

Obviously, a coat is essential for the winter. Where I live, the weather can be crazy, the windchill can get as low as negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit, however, this year it has been scarily warm, staying somewhat inbetween 20 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite this warm winter, I'm still staying bundled up in my warmest coat. I have quite a few coats meant for different temperatures, but this is the coat that I wear when it's truly extremely cold. I got it from North Face a year or two ago and it's so warm. I'm 90% sure that it's meant for winter sports, even though I don't participate in any winter sports, but I still wear it regularly in order to stay warm. 

Gloves are so important. Even if I'm just going from the house to the car, my hands still get cold, since the car isn't as well heated 24/7 like my home is. I have a pair of black waterproof gloves that I got from Marshall's and they are the absolute best. And why is that? They are lined with the softest faux fur and are touch screen compatible. That's right, instagramming and tweeting isn't just limited to when you have free hands, you can access your phone even while you're wearing your gloves in the cold.

Onto shoes, I NEED boots. There was one specific time that I was caught in a sticky situation, I was wearing flats when it was super snowy outside and found myself having to walk up a very snowy hill in my flats. Let's just say that my feet were very cold by the time that I reached the top. Anyhow, my go to boots basically all the time are my Hunter boots. I talk about them constantly, but I love how they never fail to keep my feet dry. I can also step into virtually anything and not have a care in the world. 
However, one downside of Hunter boots are that they're not particularly warm. I totally understand why they wouldn't be, they're rain boots after all and they're made for rainy spring and summer days in addition to the winter. Instead of buying the Hunter socks, since I don't particularly like the design of the folded over socks, I wear knee high socks or fuzzy socks underneath them. Knee high socks usually add a pop of color and flair to my outfit, but fuzzy socks are always reliable for warm feet. 

My point of this post? I bundle up during the winter. A lot. There are times where I go out wearing a sweater with another sweater over it, and to top it all off, I wear a heavy winter coat. There were times last year when I literally went outside with 2+ layers of everything. I wore a sweater, a sweatshirt, a coat, two pairs of gloves, leggings, jeans, two pairs of socks, earmuffs, a hat, and boots. I'm not exaggerating, I need a lot to stay warm. 
But meanwhile, winter for Elizabeth is a very different story. Check out her post about the things that she wears during the winter. It's crazy to see how different it is. It's like it's a tale of two cities, alike but different. 


  1. Pretty pics Rebecca!! That coat looks so warm, and it looks adorable with your Hunters too!

    1. The coat IS super warm! And thanks, Adrienne!
      Rebecca xo