There was a time on this blog when I did monthly favorites, but I stopped because I realized that the things I enjoy and use don't really change that often. Although it's been a while, I thought that I would throw in a little post about my recent favorites, just because I've begun to accumulate new things that I've tried out and loved. This will definitely not be a monthly thing like it used to be, but I just want to chat about some things that I enjoy. 

A Few of My Favorite Things, Sunny Rebecca

Rifle Paper Co. Phone Case

I got this phone case on sale from Rifle Paper Co. a few months ago and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I got it on sale for about $15 (!!!) when it was originally around $36, which was such a good deal, since I've wanted this phone case for quite a long time and also a lot of clear cases with designs on them range around $40, making this one super inexpensive. In the past, I had a plain clear case with no extra design, except after clear cases with designs came out, I fell in love with them. I love how there's still extra customization but you can still see the gold color of my phone, since most normal cases cover it up completely. In addition, I'm obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. prints and I love how this one is colorful and also classy. 

Travel Mug from Anthropologie

While I haven't been able to use this too often, I'm already really liking it. I got this travel mug from a friend for my birthday (bought from Anthropologie) and I'm really loving the design of it. I love the hand-painted look and the color scheme, it's soft and not too bold. However, the downside is that I don't really use travel mugs very often and this one is also ceramic, and I'm much too clumsy to handle not dropping it. Despite this, I've still managed to use it a few times and I have gotten compliments on it every time that I used it. I even took it to Starbucks once and asked them to fill it up for me instead of using a paper cup! (saving trees!)

Girl Scout cookie time is upon us! I may be too old to be a Girl Scout, but I'll never be too old to stop eating Girl Scout cookies! My favorite Girl Scout cookie is the famous thin mint, but I also enjoy trefoils and Savannah smiles. I haven't really been home often enough to snack on these lately, but this week is generally free and I'm ready to eat up!

While it's a little difficult to see in these photos, I've been wearing this round gold necklace more often lately. I got it as a Christmas gift from a friend and never really wore it after I first got it, but within the last month, I've been pairing it with things more and more. I usually gravitate towards statement necklaces, but I've been finding this small little necklace with pretty gold details to be a great way to add a subtle accessory to a look. It's not as bold as a statement necklace, but still dresses up an outfit.  

I've also recently been using the Soap and Glory smoothie star breakfast scrub. This was the first product that I've gotten from Soap and Glory and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Not only does the company have cute bright and retro packaging, but it has great products as well. I've been using this scrub in the shower, mostly on my legs every now and then. I usually exfoliate my face, but I haven't really gotten around to using a body scrub until I made this purchase. This one isn't too harsh on my skin and does the job while also having a great scent. The packaging says, "Great maple scent!" and it did not disappoint at all. This scrub has a sweet maple scent to it that I'm absolutely in love with. I give this smoothie star breakfast scrub five stars!


  1. I love that mug, Anthro is the best!
    xo, Syd

  2. That coffee mug is adorable and gotta love Thin Mints!


  3. Is Rifle Paper Co not the BEST?! I cannot walk into that store without selling my organs to buy everything. I'm kind of a paper goods/cute desk accessories freak. Love learning more about you through your favorites!


    1. Same! Rifle Paper Co. is definitely my weakness, the thing is that I totally don't need any of the things there, but at the same time, I want it ALL!
      Rebecca x