This week has definitely been hectic, if you couldn't tell from my missing of last week's best of the internet. I originally wrote one up, but I got so tired that I forgot to hit publish, so I just let it go. During the week, I was super stressed, with all kinds of activity packed in, making me stay up a little longer than I would have liked to get all my work done. However, I'm looking forward to this week, which will be a lot more relaxing. This week I'm feeling more positive. And I'm going to keep this positivity going, starting by enjoying this week's best of the internet.


One // The "Busy" Trap

This post was recommended to me by Jamie after she read my post, the art of pretending to have a life. I actually had not read this article before writing that post, but I feel like it covers some of the same things that I mentioned about how we often pretend to be busier than we actually are.

Two // Staying Motivated When You're Not

There are some days that you're just not having it. All you want to do is cuddle in bed with some chocolate and zero responsibilities, but the sad thing is that you can't really take a break from your life, as tempting as it is. When you're having that kind of day, you want to be motivated, but you're just not. Luckily, there are some tips on Zanita on how to stay motivated.

Three // Stop Saying You're Fine

When I'm not having a good day and someone asks me how I am, my immediate response is fine, even though I'm not. It's my default. I try to dismiss the topic as soon as possible and avoid having to talk about how I'm actually feeling. However, this article on the Every Girl covers how hiding our emotions may make us appear happier, but doesn't actually make us any happier on the inside. It's time to stop saying that you're "fine" and start being honest about how you really feel.

Four // 10 Ways to Be a Better Version of Yourself

I just discovered Jess's blog, The Golden Girl,  yesterday, and I loved this post. Yes, it may have been from 2013, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. I'm always looking to better myself, I'm all about self-love and confidence boosting, which is why I liked this post so much! There are ten tips for ways to be an overall happier person as well as boost your confidence.

Five // Updated Blogging Tips

I'm always looking for more tips to improve my blogging game and Carly totally nails it! This is definitely a meaty read, so you might want to save this gem until you have some time on your hands, but it's definitely worth it. It covers all kinds of things about blogging that I think that a lot of bloggers are wondering.

Six // How to Host the Prettiest Spring Brunch

As a typical blogger, brunch is always a good time. And a spring brunch with pastels and cute little name tags? Even better! Minted has some tips for how to be the perfect host of a adorable spring brunch.

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