Embarking on a new journey is probably one of the best things that you can do in your life. Whether it means applying to the university of your dreams, moving to a new city, or even asking that special someone to prom, it's always interesting to try something new and put yourself out there. The thing is that new things have the potential to bring you happiness and also help you find your life purpose. It's the time that you can either discover your dreams or follow them. However, the risk of embarking on a new journey is failure. Maybe it means not getting into the university of your dreams, feeling alone in a big city, or getting rejected after a totally dreamy promposal. Failure can be the thing that may make you hesitate about new things and bold choices. 

Fear of Failure: Sunny Rebecca

When you make a bold choice, you're exposed. It could either be that it turns out to be something amazing, but there's always the risk that everything could go wrong. It's taking a chance, even if it's something small. That chance that everything could go wrong, that somehow you would fail, is the thing that is constantly in the back of your mind while making a bold decision. It's the fear of failure. 

It's like when I first started this blog. It was something that I had always wanted to do, but I was always too afraid of putting myself out there. Doing so would leave me vulnerable, vulnerable to the negative things that people would say about it, vulnerable to the emotional exposure, vulnerable to failure. When I first started my blog, I was always thinking, "Why bother? It's not like anyone is even reading it." And while that may have been true in the beginning, but if I had never taken that jump, I would have never been here, where I love what I do and am feeling more and more happy over time. The fear of failure was stopping me from following my dreams. If I hadn't let go of the fear of failure, this post may have never been written and Sunny Rebecca may not exist. Something like blogging that has become such a big part of my life could have not even happened to me if I hadn't jumped the fence and stopped being afraid. If you don't go after your dreams and embark on new adventures, you may miss out on something that just could have been the best thing of your life. I don't want to miss out on things anymore and I want to be able to make my life amazing. However, I can't do that until I let go of my fear of failure. 

The thing about the fear of failure is that if you let it take over your life, there's no chance for success. Put it this way, let's just say that there's a 99% chance of success. But there's still a 1% chance of failure. If you cowardly hide away and don't take charge as a result of that 1% chance of failure, then there's absolutely no possibility that you could succeed, even though there's a 99% chance of success. While this may be a made up scenario and in real life, the odds are not this generous, the point is that if you give into the fear of failure, then you're limiting yourself.

The fear of failure never fails to hold you back. 

It stops you from reaching your full potential and tests your self-esteem. Everything that you don't go after becomes "What could have been" or "The one that got away" and eventually becomes regret. 

So how can we let go of the fear of failure? It's not easy, that's for sure. However, there are some things that we can try to teach ourselves in order to stop letting the fear of failure rule our lives. 

Worst case scenario: You fail.

I bet you're wondering, how does this help me get over my fear of failure? It's only a reminder of the possibility of failure. However, it's the lens that you view failure through. The best case scenario of you taking a chance and following your dreams is of course, success. The worst case scenario is that you fail. However, like I mentioned before, if you don't try at all, then you automatically fail. By putting yourself in the running, there's still a chance for success, even if it's just the tiniest percentage. If worse comes to worse, you fail. It's better to fail knowing that you tried your best than to not try at all and always wonder, what if? 

You can learn from your mistakes.

I know, the cliché quote that we're always told by our parents and teachers. However, it's true. Building off of the worst case scenario, we need to know that if we fail, we still benefit from it. Each little failure can pave the way to grand success. You might as well brave through the storm to sunny days earlier rather than later.  So yeah, maybe the worst case scenario becomes reality, but is it really such a horrible outcome? A failure equals experience and a failure means that you were confident enough to take a chance and be bold. Failure is an opportunity to grow.

Will I regret it?

I'm a believer of living life with no regrets. If you don't chase your dreams today, then when will you? When trying to make big decisions on whether or not to pursue your goal, challenge that nagging, "What if I fail?" voice in the back of your head and ask yourself, "Will I regret it?" If the answer is yes, then chances are, you should not let the fear of failure limit you. While there are positive "What if" questions, there are also negative ones. You don't want to look back on your life and wonder what would have happened if you did something different, like went after a new goal. I want to look back on my life and not want to change a thing. Challenge the fear of failure and try to look on the decision with a future perspective. 

Look on things in a positive light.

Let's change things up a bit. Instead of worrying about the possibility of failure, focus on the possibility of success. Maybe it's one in a million, but that tiny possibility of success can turn into the driving force for everything that you do. It all comes about from how you look at the situation. Battle the fear of failure with a beacon of hope. For every negative thought that you have, think of two positive ones. Maybe I'm thinking to myself, "I'm not good enough." Turn that into, "I'm going to be good enough" and "Tomorrow is a new day." It's all about the growth mindset. You can achieve more as long as you view things in a positive way and remind yourself that you will get better. 

So when embarking on a new journey or taking an action towards your dreams, look on things with a growth mindset, not a fixed one, because failure is an opportunity to grow. Why even bother hesitating over decisions that should be easy? Apply to that college that you have been thinking about for years, even if it means getting wait-listed. Step out of your comfort zone and move to a new city, even though it might be scary. Take a chance with that promposal, even though it might end up in you going solo. Because today is the day that we break the barrier of failure standing in our way. Today I choose to be bold. I choose to live daringly. I choose to not let the fear of failure rule my life. 


  1. I really needed to read this post today! Thanks so much for your wisdom <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

    1. I hope that this helped and I'm glad that you enjoyed!