This week I couldn't pull myself to make a video. I feel like recently, I've been in a bit of a creative rut. It has been really difficult for me to come up with some new and original content that I love. So because of this, I'm going to take my own advice and I won't force creativity in order to create mediocre content. Although I have been in a creative rut, luckily, others out there on the internet haven't and have still been creating fantastic content, so I thought that it would be great to share some of my favorite posts this week, and hopefully get some ideas along the way.

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One // Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed

I'm all for a cohesive Instagram feed, but the thing is that it is not as easy as it looks. Lots of Instagram feeds look effortlessly beautiful, but a lot actually contributes to an awesome Instagram feed. (side note: are you following me on Instagram yet?) This post covers how to create a more cohesive Instagram feed in such great detail!

Two // Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Spring cleaning is always a great thing to do. I haven't been able to pull myself to spring clean my house yet, but I think that it's a great idea to do some spring cleaning for the soul. I feel like recently, my mind has been cluttered with a lot of things that are stressing me out, but they shouldn't be. It's important to not only physically do your spring cleaning, but this article has taught me that it's sooo important to do some spring cleaning for your life and soul.

Three // Why It Is So Hard to Take Your Own Advice 

While I was writing my post last week about following my own advice, I was researching some stuff about taking your own advice and stumbled upon this article. This article gets more into the science and psychology about why we find it so difficult to take our own advice. This really fascinated me because it's strange to think about how we never take our own advice and I loved getting to know why.

Four // Stop the Glorification of Busy

If you enjoyed my post from about two months ago about the art of pretending to have a life, where I mentioned how overrated being busy is, then you're definitely love Cristina's post (Cristina Was Here) about how to stop the glorification of being busy. If my post really spoke to you, then Cristina's tips will definitely continue to foster that motivation to abandon the necessity to be busy.

Five // More Than Pretty

I can't tell you how many times that I've thought to myself, "I wish that I was more pretty, I'm not pretty." That, my friend, is a fixed mindset. However, we can get into that growth mindset when you realize that you can be more than pretty, like this post talks about.

Six // Failure in Hindsight

If you have the fear of failure like I do, then this post will definitely help to change your perspective on failure. This post by Julianna (Preppy by the Sea) is a reflection on an event of failure and how she grew from that experience. It's time to stop being afraid of failure and to start embracing it.

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