I'm super excited to be doing this collaboration with Brooke (Live The Prep Life) where we created spring outfits with the Pantone color of the year, Rose Quartz! This is a perfect color for the spring and just a gorgeous color in general. I couldn't find the exact shade of pink for this post, but I did try my best to get as close as possible with this spring look.

I got this dress from Forever 21 last year (similar one here) and it has such a gorgeous lace pattern. It's a pretty simple dress, just the blush or rose quartz tone with a pretty lace over it. What I really like about this dress is the bottom of it and the sleeves, since the lace creates a scallop-like look that is so much more interesting than a normal hemming. 

With the dress, I wore my black matte Hunter boots. I wasn't originally planning to wear them, but the day that I took pictures for this post, it had actually just finished raining after it rained all day. However, I have absolutely no regrets about it. Since we're just beginning April, this month is known for being rainy. April showers bring spring flowers, right? That's why I felt that wearing these boots would not only be fitting for the weather that day, but also fitting for the season and the month. Not to mention, they also look great with pretty much anything. this dress included. 

With a dress as simple as this one, it's just asking to be accessorized. While I don't usually wear bracelets because they fall off so easily, I wore this bracelet with this dress because I felt like it accessorized it perfectly, especially with the necklace that I was also wearing. In addition, this is probably the one bangle-like bracelet that actually fits me. It's a simple gold bracelet, but it does the job right and is so tiny that it actually fits my wrist. The only way that I can describe this bracelet is that it's like three rings looped together. However, it still adds a pop of glamour with the gold. I can't remember where I got this bracelet, but this one is similar and at a great price. 

As I mentioned with the bracelet, this necklace from Kohl's looks spectacular with the bracelet because of the styles. Instead of opting for a silver or rose gold color necklace that would clash with the bracelet, I chose gold so that it would flow nicely all together. I'm glad that I did, not just because of the coordinating tones, but also because of the styles of the jewelry. They both have the same style in terms of the curves and such. 

Rose quartz is such a beautiful color, so why stop here? Check out Brooke's post, where she also styles a spring look including the rose quartz color! If you want to shop the look that I've shared, I've added links to similar things below if you're interested! Happy Saturday and hello April!


  1. This is such a pretty dress!! I've also been loving this rose quartz color! So pretty!

    Much love from Texas,
    Desirae || aflowerintherough.blogspot.com

  2. Such a cute outfit! Love the boots <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  3. I am in love with your dress, such pretty details!
    xo, Syd

  4. Such a lovely outfit! I love the rose quartz with the gold, those colors go together very well!