The thing about Spring is that it really gets me going for the Summer. As the days get warmer, it seems like a little sneak preview for what's to come in a few months. Because of this, I'm always looking to start wearing my warm weather clothing, this means rompers, skirts, dresses, those kinds of things. However, it hasn't been that warm lately. Yes, it has been warm at times, but right now, I've been feeling a little chilly. The weather has been around forty degrees to low sixties, which isn't really "Summer weather." So today I'm being practical and wearing something a bit warmer and more cozy, because let's be real, it's not seventy degrees and sunny all the time. 

I honestly love this outfit, not just because it's warm and comfortable, but I feel confident in it. There are usually those outfits that I feel really confident in it, but eventually the confidence wears off as the outfit because more normal to me, as in the fact that I wear that outfit more and more. However, I feel like however often I wear this outfit, I still feel really good in this outfit. That's really what I look for it in any outfit, something that makes me feel good when I wear it. 

I'm wearing this gray textured sweater from Madewell. I feel like it's perfect, because unlike a lot of other things that I own, it's simple and timeless. It has a really nice knit pattern that adds a bit of texture to it that looks a lot nicer than a plain sweater. It also has some gold working zippers on the side. I generally leave them unzipped so that people can see the zippers and it also allows for a bit more movement room. However, if I would like, I can always zip it up depending on the outfit. I feel like this sweater has some nice details, the texture and the zippers, that really differentiate this sweater from any other cheap sweater. The thing is, you can find a ton of really cheap plain sweaters, but this one is made of such nice thick material, so I have no regrets on paying a little extra. 

Under the sweater, I'm wearing a blue and red plaid button down (similar here!), also from Madewell. I literally wear this button down all the time, with a sweater over or without one, because it's so comfortable. It's so easy to just throw on this button down and feel good in it all day. I love a pop of plaid and wearing a button down underneath a sweater, so I wore the shirt underneath so that the color and pattern peeks out. 

Along with the plaid shirt and textured sweater, I added a little necklace to accent the look and finish it off. I love how understated this necklace is with this outfit, it adds a pop of gold, but it's definitely not as heavy and bold as the statement necklaces that I usually wear. This necklace is from Charming Charlie and is definitely a necklace that I've been starting to wear a bit more often whenever I need a small pendant necklace to finish off a look instead of a attention grabbing statement necklace.

I also wore a pair of leggings with the sweater, mostly because I was looking to be comfortable. This outfit looks great with jeans as well, but I was just looking for something cozy. These leggings are from Aerie. I only wear leggings with an outfit if my top is long enough and luckily both the sweater and the button down are longer and a bit over-sized, but not to the point where they look too baggy. 

And lastly, shoes. I really only wear these flats sometimes, but whenever I wear them, I always feel like a ballerina because of the laces and the style of them. I got them from Steve Madden and I love the look of them. Although the shade of the burgundy on the flats doesn't exactly match the red on the shirt, I feel like it matches enough to tie the outfit together. (literally tying it together with the laces, okay, I'll stop now.)

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  1. Love this look! So warm, cozy, and cute :)

    Edye //